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Shady Native Wildflower Mix

Shady Native Wildflower Mix

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At Earthwise Seed Co., we're passionate about promoting sustainable agriculture and restoring native habitats. Our Wildflower Shade Mix is a perfect example of this commitment. Designed for areas with strong, filtered sunlight or 1-4 hours of direct sun per day, this mix of native wildflowers is ideal for creating a beautiful, low-maintenance wildflower garden in shaded areas.

This mix contains a variety of wildflowers that are native to North America, which means they will thrive in your local climate and soil conditions. Our seeds are non-GMO and open-pollinated, ensuring that your garden will be as sustainable as it is beautiful.

However, it is important to note that these plants will not prosper in dense shade. The Wildflower Shade Mix requires some sunlight to thrive. With the right conditions, though, you can create a stunning and sustainable wildflower garden that supports local pollinators and helps to restore native habitats.

At Earthwise Seed Co., we're committed to providing high-quality, sustainable seeds that are easy to grow and maintain. With our Wildflower Shade Mix, you can create a beautiful and sustainable garden that supports local ecosystems and helps to promote biodiversity.

Ideal Regions

  • Northcentral & Northeast

  • Midwest

  • Eastern Mountains and Piedmont

  • Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain


Mix includes:

49.4% Schizachyrium scoparium, Fort Indiantown Gap-PA Ecotype (Little Bluestem, Fort Indiantown Gap-PA Ecotype) 
18.5% Elymus virginicus, Madison-NY Ecotype (Virginia Wildrye, Madison-NY Ecotype)
9.5% Echinacea purpurea (Purple Coneflower)
6.5% Elymus hystrix, PA Ecotype (Bottlebrush Grass, PA Ecotype)
3.0% Rudbeckia hirta (Blackeyed Susan)
2.0% Chamaecrista fasciculata, PA Ecotype (Partridge Pea, PA Ecotype)
1.8% Heliopsis helianthoides, PA Ecotype (Oxeye Sunflower, PA Ecotype)
1.0% Penstemon digitalis (Tall White Beardtongue)
1.0% Zizia aurea, PA Ecotype (Golden Alexanders, PA Ecotype)
0.7% Liatris spicata (Marsh Blazing Star)
0.6% Aster macrophyllus, PA Ecotype (Bigleaf Aster, PA Ecotype)
0.6% Baptisia australis, Southern WV Ecotype (Blue False Indigo, Southern WV Ecotype)
0.5% Anemone virginiana, PA Ecotype (Thimbleweed, PA Ecotype)
0.5% Gaura biennis (Biennial Beeblossom 
0.5% Lespedeza capitata, RI Ecotype (Roundhead Lespedeza, RI Ecotype)
0.5% Rudbeckia triloba, WV Ecotype (Browneyed Susan, WV Ecotype)
0.4% Asclepias tuberosa, PA Ecotype (Butterfly Milkweed, PA Ecotype)
0.4% Aster pilosus, PA Ecotype (Heath Aster, PA Ecotype)
0.3% Asclepias syriaca, PA Ecotype (Common Milkweed, PA Ecotype)
0.3% Monarda fistulosa (Wild Bergamot)
0.3% Pycnanthemum incanum, MD Ecotype (Hoary Mountainmint, MD Ecotype)
0.3% Solidago bicolor, PA Ecotype (White Goldenrod, PA Ecotype)
0.3% Solidago nemoralis, PA Ecotype (Gray Goldenrod, PA Ecotype)
0.3% Tradescantia ohiensis, PA Ecotype (Ohio Spiderwort, PA Ecotype)
0.2% Aquilegia canadensis (Eastern Columbine)
0.2% Aster prenanthoides, PA Ecotype (Zigzag Aster, PA Ecotype)
0.2% Solidago juncea, PA Ecotype (Early Goldenrod, PA Ecotype)
0.1% Penstemon hirsutus (Hairy Beardtongue)
0.1% Penstemon laevigatus, PA Ecotype (Appalachian Beardtongue, PA Ecotype)

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