The Ultimate Guide to Over Seeding, the Earthwise way!

The Ultimate Guide to Over Seeding, the Earthwise way!

Converting Your Lawn the Earthwise Way: The Ultimate Guide to Over Seeding

Greetings, Earthwise Seed community! One of the most common questions we encounter is how to transform an existing lawn into a low-growing, no-maintenance sanctuary. The answer is simpler than you might think: over seeding.

If you're unfamiliar with the term, don't worry. By the end of this post, you'll be an over seeding pro. The best part? You can expect to see results almost immediately, even though the complete transformation might take up to three seasons. Let's get started!

What is Over Seeding?

Over seeding is the act of sowing new grass seeds over your existing lawn. It’s a great way to introduce new grass varieties that are low-maintenance, drought-resistant, and naturally prevent weeds.

Step-by-Step Guide to Over Seeding:

1. Lawn Assessment: Before diving in, assess your current lawn. Remove any large weeds, and take note of any bare patches or areas with thin grass.

2. Mowing: Mow your lawn shorter than usual preferably down to about 2 inches. This will make it easier for new seeds to make contact with the soil.

3. Aerate(Not Required but helpful): Use a lawn aerator to create small holes in your lawn. This promotes better air circulation, water penetration, and allows seeds to nestle into the soil.

4. Choose the Right Seed: Opt for a low-growing, low-maintenance grass variety. Here at Earthwise Seed, we have a range of seeds that are perfect for this purpose.

5. Seed Spreading: Spread the seeds evenly across your lawn. For uniformity, you can use a hand or mechanical spreader.

6. Watering: After seeding, water the lawn lightly but consistently. Keep the soil moist, not drenched. This helps the seeds to germinate.

7. Regular Maintenance: For the first few weeks, water the lawn daily or every other day. As the new grass begins to grow, reduce the frequency. Avoid mowing until the new grass reaches at least 3 inches in height.

8. Enjoy Immediate Results: Within a few weeks, you'll notice your lawn becoming denser with the new grass variety. Remember, while you'll see these initial changes, the full transformation can take up to three seasons.

Patience is Key

While over seeding is a relatively straightforward process, patience is essential. The journey to a low-growing, no-maintenance lawn is rewarding, and the results are well worth the wait. By the end of the third season, you'll have a lush, green lawn that requires minimal upkeep.

In conclusion, if you've been dreaming of a lawn that's both beautiful and low-maintenance, over seeding with Earthwise Seed is your ticket to turning that dream into reality. Happy gardening!

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