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Crimson Clover Seed (Trifolium Incarnatum)

Crimson Clover Seed (Trifolium Incarnatum)

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Crimson Clover Seed (Trifolium Incarnatum) - A winter annual, crimson clover is grown from bulk clover seeds from the Gulf Coast region to Southern Ohio clear to the West Coast. It is tolerant of medium soil acidity and will grow readily on both sandy and clay type soils. It is an important winter annual forage in the south, with growth continuing through the winter with the amount influenced by temperature. Crimson clover thrives in mixture with grasses, provides excellent winter grazing, makes good hay. It is high in nutritive value when harvested for forage in the pre-bloom stage. Flower heads are long, crimson, and very showy. Crimson clover seeds and annual ryegrass make an excellent cover crop mixture for improving the texture, organic matter and tilth of soil.

Clover Specifications

Latin Name: Trifolium Incarnatum

Season: Winter Annual

USDA Zones:
6-9 for winter planting
3-4 for summer planting

Environment: Full sun

Height: Up to 18in

Bloom Color: Crimson

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