Uses for EcoSeed

The NO Maintenance, Drought Resistant Lawn!

Why put your family at risk of ingesting dangerous pesticides or fertilizers when playing on the lawn?

EcoSeed requires none of these potentially harmful chemicals, so you can enjoy a family friendly lawn.

Humans aren't the only ones confronted with the dangers that pesticides and fertilizers pose.

It is a proven fact that pets who play on lawns that have been treated with these chemicals are much more likely to develop various forms of cancer. With an EcoSeed you have no chemicals, and no worries!

EcoSeed is a great choice for lake and watershed communities who are concerned about the effects fertilizers have on their lakes and environment.

These chemicals cause unwanted weed growth that will eventually choke the lake and upset its natural, ecological balance. Fertilizers are not needed with EcoSeed!

Water conservation is a huge aspect of EcoSeed since once established an EcoSeed does not require any watering.

Over time, this adds up to a gigantic savings of one of our most precious natural resource.

And since you do not need chemicals like fertilizers or pesticides with an EcoSeed, our water is cleaner!

Corporations who use EcoSeed can benefit from a 75% savings in the maintenance of their lawn since mowing is nearly eliminated as well as wasting water and using harmful chemicals.

Additionally the cemetery industry can automatically cut back 75% in maintenance from their overhead by converting their existing lawn into an EcoSeed.

These savings are immediate and ongoing!