EcoSeed Coverage Rates and Installation Tips

EcoSeed™ Coverage Rates and Installation Tips for the NO Maintenance lawn!

Specially Formulated for a Sustainable World, EcoSeed™ offers a low maintenance lawn option for those looking to promote sustainability. Here are some installation tips and recommended seeding rates for a successful planting.

Recommended Seeding Rates

We recommend using 5 lbs. of EcoSeed™ per 1,000 sq. ft. of area, which is equivalent to 220 pounds per acre.

New Lawns

As with any new seeding, proper soil preparation is key to success. The area to be planted should be as free of weeds as possible prior to installing new seed.

When to Seed?

The ideal time for you to plant your EcoSeed™ is between late August and late September in the USA and Canada (for the best seeding time in your area please refer to our Seeding Times Chart). The cool evening temperatures, early morning dews, and autumn rains create the perfect conditions for germination and growth. Also, nature has programmed fewer weeds to germinate in the fall, so your new EcoSeed™ will establish more rapidly, with less weed competition!

Seeding from mid-April through mid-June is a good second choice. Apply the seed when soil temperatures reach 60°F. If you spread EcoSeed™ earlier in the spring, it will not germinate until the soil temperature reaches 60°F.

Please note that most weeds germinate in the spring and early summer and this will inevitably result in some weed competition with your EcoSeed™. Weeds will grow much faster, and they can sometimes out-compete spring-planted seedings. Once your EcoSeed™ is about 3 inches tall, you can combat those weeds with a variety of organic methods, including:

  • Regular mowing to prevent any weeds growing from forming seeds.
  • Using an organic pre-emergent herbicide such as corn meal gluten (Note: You cannot use corn meal gluten within 5 weeks of sowing new EcoSeed™).
  • Overseed with fresh EcoSeed™ in spring or fall to crowd out weeds.

When your EcoSeed™ is fully mature, it becomes allelopathic, which means that the grass itself emits a natural, pre-emergent herbicide that prevents other plants (weeds) from germinating!

Watering Your EcoSeed™

Spring seedings will require watering daily for 15-30 minutes unless the soil is already damp. Water early in the morning only to prevent possible fungal diseases caused by late afternoon and evening watering. Keep the area slightly damp, not soggy. Once the newly planted area greens up, watering can be cut back to every 2 to 5 days depending on your soil type and weather conditions. Please note that if you experience drought conditions in the first year of growth, you will need to water your new EcoSeed™ during the first season of growth. Once EcoSeed™ has gone through a full season, your watering regime will change dramatically. In hot, dry climates such as parts of California or Texas, your watering will be cut back by 75% over that of traditional, shallow-rooted turfs. In most parts of North America, your established EcoSeed™ will require no watering except in extreme drought conditions.

Sowing EcoSeed™ under Large Trees

While EcoSeed™ will germinate and grow under large